Welcome to Free The Brick, where LEGO® is a tool for creating beautiful designs. To begin our exploration, we start with text, the very medium for conveying information.

The Font Collection

Times is one of the most widely used fonts in existence and was the obvious choice for Free The Brick's first design. LEGO® may be seen as strictly boxy in shape but with the right parts the recognizable serifs and variable strokes of the Times font comes through. With a standard height of 7 inches (~18 cm) these letters are great for a wide range of uses from decorating a child's room to utility labels for offices.

The name Talia wall mounted



Free The Brick offers letters in three colors (red, black, and grey).


Letters can be delivered unglued, which preserves the ultimate flexibly of LEGO® parts: the ability to be used for other purposes. Gluing the letters provides better stability but is permanent.

Free Standing / Wall Mounting

Most letters in a font like Times rest on a single horizontal line called the baseline. Free The Brick offers letters in a free standing model for placing on a bookshelf or other flat surface. Some letters (such as "g") descend below the baseline and words using them would look off when free standing. To remedy this, Free The Brick offers a wall mounting option. Each letter's back face exposes several small holes (the front remains unmarred). The wall mounting kit includes specially designed nails that feature a LEGO® connector that when nailed to the wall will allow the letters to easily snap into place.

Specially designed nail and back of letter for wall mounting When fully nailed to the wall only the connector is exposed

Please explore all our options and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.